Girl shot in protests: Her name was Neda…

On June 20th, a young woman was shot by the Basiji policing force in Tehran, Iran. Her name was Neda, and she not actively protesting when she was shot. Rather, she was watching the demonstrations with her music teacher (update: not father) beside her, but became yet another victim of the Basiji policing force.
The video follows below (WARNING! The video is extremely graphic!):

Information about the video:

On both Facebook and YouTube, the video comes with this explanation, written by someone who says that he was present when this video was shot and describes what it shows:

Basij shots to death a young woman in Tehran’s Saturday June 20th protests At 19:05 June 20th Place: Karekar Ave., at the corner crossing Khosravi St. and Salehi st. A young woman who was standing aside with her father watching the protests was shot by a basij member hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house. He had clear shot at the girl and could not miss her. However, he aimed straight her heart. I am a doctor, so I rushed to try to save her. But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that the bullet had blasted inside the victim’s chest, and she died in less than 2 minutes. The protests were going on about 1 kilometers away in the main street and some of the protesting crowd were running from tear gass used among them, towards Salehi St. The film is shot by my friend who was standing beside me. Please let the world know.

Again, we have no way of knowing when or where the video was shot, or if this reader’s account is accurate, due to the intense restrictions on first-hand reporting imposed on the press inside Iran.


Another blogger writes about Neda and quotes some feeds from Twitter:

Her name was Neda, an innocent bystander shot dead just for watching.

We are Neda and all those who fell with her.

Neda is one Iranian. Neda is all Iranians.

RT May God cradle #NEDA in Peace and wake her soul to show her that she was not lost for nothing, her blood rained freedom

The World cries seeing your last breath, you didn’t die in vain. We remember you.

Furthermore she writes:

It has been reported that the name Neda means voice or call in Farsi…

Her name was Neda…

She is the voice of the people. She is a call to freedom.

Read the full article of the  quoted blogger:

As native speakers, we can indeed confirm that it means shout in the way of a proclamation, or as the writer translated, it means a call, as in a call for a prayer.

On Twitter: elcidreza: The girl (Neda) died with open eyes. Shame on us to live with closed eyes.

09:00am, Sunday, June 21st (IRDT) – Time in Tehran, Iran

Neda jaan, our hearts are with You and Your family. Khodaa negahetoon daare. May your soul be in a peaceful place.

Please share this story, or write about Neda yourself. Just don’t let her precious life be forgotten. And if you have a faith, please pray for her family.

Update (June 23rd, 2009):
Because the Wikipedia page is constantly updated, I will instead link to that.

Update (June 25th, 2009):

Read the article about Neda’s family being forced out of their house