International community prefers Ahmadinejad?

Hezbollah leader and Israeli Prime Minster finally agree on one thing: Ahmadinejad is great! 

“Ahmadinejad’s strong language and blunt actions made him easier to criticise internationally.”
“If you have friends in Iran, try to convince them to vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today … There is no one who will serve Israel’s PR interests better than him.”
Hassan Nasrallah […][Ahmadinejad is a] great hope to all the oppressed people, who reject the powers of arrogance and occupation.

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Now why on earth would any Israeli government official prefer Ahmadinejad? That’s impossible!
On a second thought, it create new possibilities… For example this:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has argued that Iran’s nuclear ambitions, not Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians, should occupy the world’s attention.

Source: (AP)